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You are Beautiful

You are loved. You are wonderfully made. You are beautiful. You have purpose. You are a masterpiece.


You are BEAUTIFUL, and for anyone who needs a reminder- this blog is for you.

Have you seen those Dove Commercials? The ones where they work so hard to show women that they are beautiful just the way they are? That their beauty isn’t dependent on their weight, the colour of their skin, what their hair looks like or what their height is.

I think that what Dove is telling us is that our beauty isn’t dependent on matching a criteria.

I think we can all agree that beauty shouldn’t be dependent on meeting some arbitrary criteria, but when Dove did a global study asking women how they felt about beauty they found that although 80% of women agree that every woman has something about them that is beautiful 96% of women wouldn’t use the word beautiful to describe themselves.

This means that we can look at pictures of other women and acknowledge their beauty, but we can’t acknowledge our own.

I live in Alberta, Canada. In Alberta there are 2.1 million women and of that 2.1 million 740,000 live in my city- Calgary.

Based on Dove’s percentages only 2,960 of them would use the world
beautiful to describe themselves.

I have said it before, and I will say it again- only 5% of the female population naturally has the body type that we see portrayed in media. The media that drives our perception of beauty.

So I’m here to tell whoever needs to hear this that you are beautiful.

Hell, you are stunning. You are smart, you are brave, you are strong. You are so many wonderful things, and you are perfect the way that you are.

But I get it, sometimes I look at photos of myself and critique them. My eyes look weird in this one. Oh no- I’m laughing here, look at my double chin! Wait- why do my arms look like that?

This past month my boyfriend and I went to McKinnon Flats. It was beautiful, and we drove by the Canola Fields in Calgary which were in full bloom.

I was wearing my new dress and had on a beautiful cooling wrap. He knew I needed some photos for WrapMeCool, my Instagram and my blog so he became my photographer.

Later that day when I was posting my favourite photo of myself (a beautiful candid) he asked why I picked it. Why didn’t I pick the one where I am
laughing, or the one where I am smiling? But the truth is, I thought my eyes were too close, or my face looked off.

I was critiquing myself for so many things that he didn’t see. He only saw
me, and he thinks I’m beautiful.

I challenge you right now to have someone else look at your photos. I bet you they will find 5 things that they love about you all in a photo that you think looks terrible.

We are all beautiful. I’m talking to all of you, yes all of you. We. Are. Beautiful. It’s about time that we realize it.

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Jessica Faulds

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