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Treat Food, Not Cheat Food

We’ve all heard it people say “It’s my cheat day”. What does this even mean? The word ‘cheat’ itself is really negative. What do people cheat on? Cheating on a test? Cheating on your taxes? Cheating on a spouse? Cheating in a game? All of these things are negative. In all of these scenarios, cheating could make you feel terrible. So when people have ‘cheat’
foods- they subconsciously don’t forgive themselves for it. They assign a guilty feeling like they’ve done something wrong- to a meal.

When you ‘cheat’ it often doesn’t matter how great you’ve done that week, or hell even that month. You might have masterfully followed your macros, your calories, eating only healthy fresh foods and been crushing your workouts- but then you ‘cheated’ and you feel like trash.

But why is this? Why do we ignore all of our good and focus in on one thing that we ourselves deemed as ‘bad’. I’ve been reading a lot on the power of the mind and positive thinking- and with that, I’ve decided to change the word CHEAT food to TREAT food.

When we were younger and we did well on a test we may have gotten a treat that made us excited (like a sticker- do you remember the cool 3D ones). When we do well at work we get praise- or the ultimate treat- a
raise. When you hear ‘treat’ you feel joy. I think that we should replace all the negativity around ‘cheat foods’ with the positivity of ‘treat foods’.

What is a treat food? Well, a treat food doesn’t make you forget how healthy you were for the rest of the week.

A treat food doesn’t mean you have to add in an extra workout because
you feel guilty.

A treat food means you are treating yourself and can enjoy it with a smile.
With the power of positive thinking, we can change our relationship with food.

Cheats become treats, guilty becomes joy, and we can accept our bodies as they are while working towards making them the healthiest version they can be.Food should be used to nourish our bodies and celebrate our lives. It should never leave us with a feeling of shame.

An end to “CHEAT” foods

Enjoy That Treat, We All Know I Am 😉

Content and Ideas Created by
Jessica Faulds

As Told by 
Rachel Faulds

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