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The Dreaded Plateau

Plateau- we’ve all been there. We’ve been following our meal plan and not gotten any leaner.

We’ve been going to the gym but aren’t able to progress to lifting heavier.

We’ve been doing what we are ‘supposed to do’ to see progress- but the progress isn’t happening.

It’s frustrating. It makes you want to scream or worse-give up. But you shouldn’t scream, give up or even be surprised. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that people can expect to hit a plateau about six months in.

When it comes to weight loss we should all expect to experience something called ‘set point theory’. Set point theory basically says that there is a weight that our body likes, a weight that your body has picked for you to be at. And
when you get to this point your body will do everything it can to make you fall off of any meal or diet plan.

When you are constantly losing weight your body can suddenly stop and say “hang on”- this isn’t good, am I starving? What’s happening? I need to save every ounce of food and energy. This is what you plateau, when your body thinks that something is wrong.

I know what you’re thinking- this isn’t fair, and you would be right- it kind of sucks. But we have to be patient. A plateau is simply your body adjusting to all of your progress. So don’t try and combat this with eating less and working out more, instead take a couple weeks off of seeing ‘progress’ as the marker of success and start seeing ‘maintenance’ as the marker of success.

After a couple weeks, when your body has adjusted to this new you and you have successfully mastered maintenance- that’s when you can hit the gym harder, focus on your HIIT workouts, practice intermittent fasting, eat fewer carbs and more protein- get back on whatever plan it is that works for you.

Plateaus are just a moment when your body is trying to save you. It’s your
bodies way of saying- hang on- can I have a small break?

A plateau is a sign of a job well done.

Getting healthy is a long process and accepting your plateau for what it is- temporary- won’t hurt you.

In fact respecting your body will help you.

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