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The Difference Healthy Makes

I believe in living a healthy lifestyle. I believe that my version of a healthy life style includes boxing, running, working out and eating healthy foods.

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when I was 15 years old, and although I now believe I am living an MS free life after my stem cell treatment I would be remiss if I didn’t recognize what those 13 years living with MS taught me.

When I was fifteen and received my MS diagnosis I wouldn’t work out, I wouldn’t pay any attention to what I ate and treated my health as an afterthought- pretty normal for a teenager. Neglecting my body this way lasted until I was 18.

In my first year of University I suffered a pretty hard relapse. My legs went weak and I needed a cane. My recovery took about 6 months. My legs didn’t feel the same, achieving my ‘normal’ took a long time.

In a way this relapse was my wake up call. I couldn’t control my MS, but I could control so many other aspects of my health.

After this relapse I started working out, I got strong. I started taking care of myself, I ate healthy foods.

Did this change stop me from getting another relapse- hell no! But it did mean that my relapses happened in a stronger body. And this stronger body still needed her cane, still felt weak, but recovered after about 2 weeks.

I found all the inspiration I needed within myself. I was fueled by the goal of being strong enough to handle the challenges life may throw my way.

Last year was when I had my stem cell transplant- 11 rounds of chemo in 8 days is no joke. But I was back in the boxing gym exactly 3 weeks after being released from the hospital. My doctors were shocked, impressed, and excited whenever I came in. I was back to almost normal workouts within 1 month of re-starting boxing.

Did you know that some doctors are now prescribing Pre-Hab before surgeries. Pre-habilitation is getting healthier prior to a surgery with the idea that the doctor is responsible for ½ of the outcome and the other ½ is up to us.

I believe in being as physically healthy as possible. Not for esthetic reasons, but for confidence. When I am healthy I am confident that I can recover from all of life’s setbacks a little bit quicker.

Healthy is different for everyone, not everyone needs to lift weights and box- but we can all get outside and find a way to move our bodies daily.

Today is a new day. Put on your shoes and go for a walk.

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