Sweep the Fridge Guac and Chips

Snacks should always be quick and Easy⁠

I thought I would share my favourite Guac and Tortilla Recipe. ⁠

As we know I am having a sweep the fridge challenge. I have one more week until I can buy groceries, so when I started craving chips and guac and didn’t have some I knew I was in trouble. ⁠

The guacamole is easy – mash up a whole avocado, add some garlic, jalapenos and a touch of vegan onion dip for flavour. Cream together with a fork or a blender. And top with a shot a lime juice.⁠

Now the tortillas are my real passion. I didnt have chips! You cannot have a chips and guac meal without chips – kinda defeats the purpose. So I made homemade tortilla chips. ⁠

This is easy, take a store bought tortilla (like you make fajita with) and grill, in a crepe man with a bit of oil (or butter) and minced garlic. ⁠

Bam – sweep the fridge chips and Guac! No new groceries needed. 🥑🥑⁠

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