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Strong Alone. Stronger Together


C.S. Lewis

I first heard this quote at MS camp when I was fifteen years old, and it instantly became special to me. The beginning of my MS journey made me feel a little different than a lot of my peers.

I had trips to Sick Kids and waiting for MRI results to worry about. Blood work, IVs and daily injections…Not your typical high school kid eh?

But MS Camp allowed me to meet other kids like me who were going
through a similar path. We had common ground and it allowed us to become more than friends, we became family. Knowing I was not alone made everything easier.

A health journey is the same thing. Working out with someone can feel easier than working out alone. Having others hear and support your goals may make them feel more attainable. Hell, research even proves that by having an accountability buddy you become 65% more likely to achieve your goal. Now that 65% chance turns into a 95% chance of success when
you have a success partner.

That’s where I come in. I can be your success partner.

But what is that? What’s the difference between a success partner and an accountability partner?

Well, an accountability partner holds you accountable to your goal. Basically they check in on you- did you workout today? Did you eat healthily? Knowing that someone is checking in can help you reach success but it can also feel like an obligation.

A success partner is progress-oriented. They don’t focus on checking in on if you’ve “worked out” or “ate healthily” they don’t make you feel like you either hit your goal or missed it every day- they focus on progress.

A success partner focuses on progressing towards your goal every day, in
tangible ways. A success partner helps you figure out all the steps towards your goal.

At all the right bites we want to be your success partner. We want you to learn to success, celebrate the wins, and not feel defeated by your misses. We want you to continuously make steps towards your goal and find success in every day.

We are strong alone. I know this, you know this. But we are stronger together.

Content and Ideas Created by
Jessica Faulds

As Told by 
Rachel Faulds

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