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Stellar Kombucha

By now, nearly everyone has heard of Kombucha – though many people are not quite sure what it is!

Thought to originate in Asia, kombucha is created through the fermentation of a culture of yeast and bacteria known as a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) which is added to tea to form the popular beverage. The mushroom-like scoby can be used to ferment new batches of kombucha again and again. Though, we don’t recommend brewing your own unless you are experienced.

During the fermentation process probiotic bacteria is formed, which is part of why the drink has gained such popularity. People are looking more and more towards natural ways to enhance their well-being and kombucha delivers! The probiotics it contains benefits your gastrointestinal health by improving digestion and reducing inflammation, while suppressing the growth of undesirable bacteria and yeast. All while providing a great dose of B vitamins and antioxidants!

The tea polyphenois and antioxidants in test-tube studies have also appeared to help prevent the growth of cancerous cells by blocking the gene mutation, as well as encouraging the death of existing cancer cells. In studies on rats, kombucha has been seen to reduce liver toxicity up to as much as 70%.

The safest way to consume kombucha is by buying at a store, or from brewers such as Stellar Kombucha.

Stellar Kombucha is a local, family run kombucha brewery in Calgary, Alberta that uses high quality Ceylon tea and all organic, preservative free ingredients in their batches. Chris Remmington, Owner of Stellar Kombucha, told ATRB, “I’m passionate about brewing kombucha not only because it’s a family tradition, what make me passionate is the quality I get to put in this product. My grandparents never made concessions when it came to quality. And it’s my turn to honour those values through my work and way of life.”

With its juice-like taste, adding kombucha to one’s diet is an easy way to give your health a little added boost!

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