Plant-based Immune System Support Plan and Pre Guide


A 7 day meal plan designed to support your immune system.

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Looking to give your immune system a boost, the plant-based way?

Look no further. This 7 day meal plan has been designed specifically to support your immune system! All the recipes were hand picked to fit the average adult nutritional needs.

The plan includes

  1. A 7 day meal plan, which includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks daily.
  2. A total of 17 recipes to get you through the week (who wants to cook daily?)
  3. A ready to go grocery list.
  4. A meal prep guide to help you get ready for the week (If you are a food prepper!)

As with all my products you have two choices for downloads! Some people want to know the nutritional content of their meals and some find it triggering. Because of this I have made it so you can download the e-book with or without the nutrition information!


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