Work with Jess to Reach Your own Definition of Healthy!

Do you want to have all the tools to reach your fitness goals? Sit down with Jess for 1:1 for a clear guide on health and nutrition. Jess offers monthly healthy living goal calls that will include a completely personalized meal plan that is sure to include your favourite foods (that’s a promise).

The goal of nutrition planning with Jess is to work on realistic goals, establishing a healthy timeline, and never feeling restricted. Working with Jess is not a ‘quick fix’ but rather a sustainable way to become a healthier version of yourself.

Do you like to cook? Jess will provide creative and delicious recipes. Don’t like to cook? No problem- the meals can be simple, the prep will be simple, but the result will still be delicious.

Jessica doesn’t believe in villainizing going out for dinner. Going out and having fun is part of a healthy lifestyle, and will be included in your meal plan.

Jess will help you learn the importance of including nutrients in your food and not obsessing over minimizing calories. Her meals will leave you feeling full and not deprived. Her plan is to help you learn how to have balance when approaching food, and leave you with the tools to live
a healthy life without relying on a short term diet plan.

She believes that communication is important and will work with you over your preferred communication style. It doesn’t matter if you prefer text, email, phone or facetime- Jess will be there for you and check in based on your needs.

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