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Saying Good Bye to MS

Today I get to say goodbye to MS.

I get to say goodbye for two reasons.

The first is that I have completed the most effective treatment I could do to fight MS- Stem Cell. The Stem Cell treatment was filled with a lot of lows that I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, all with the goal of reaching this one big high: My MRI has come back clean, my EDSS score has improved and I am symptom-free for the first time in thirteen years. My MRI showed no
active inflammation. This was the first time in seven years that I had a clean MRI.

I want to be clear- I’m not saying that I am ‘cured’ of MS. My scars are still there, but all the signs
point to me not needing to constantly think about it anymore.

Now the second reason I get to say goodbye to thinking about it, or letting it dictate my
choices: if the treatment didn’t work and the inflammation does come back; well there’s
nothing else I can do about it- so why spend a moment thinking about it?

So I am officially saying goodbye to a lot of things.

I’m saying goodbye to feeling held back because of MS.  In University I wanted to do a semester abroad but didn’t because I was concerned my MS might act up. I say goodbye to going to sleep worried that tomorrow might be the day I wake up and need my cane again. I say goodbye to letting MS be the companion that wouldn’t let me go.

So goodbye to being held back and hello to feeling free. Hello to going to sleep not worried about the next day. Hello to traveling and adventures. Hello to not worrying about a sudden relapse. Hello to freely pushing myself in workouts.

I will always be here to answer questions about autoimmune diseases and nutrition but now I
will no longer be focusing on MS as part of my personal journey. Good-bye MS – Hello New Me <3

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