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Non Scale Victories

How often have we seen it? Weight loss milestones- 10lb? 15lb? 25lb? A lot of people embark on their weight loss journey with only one unit of measurement: A victory on the scale.

But what I’m here to talk to you about is why victories off the scale- or Non Scale Victories can be so much more important.

When you weigh yourself, the average scale tells you how much you weigh at one point in time. It is just one metric. Sure this metric might make you feel progress or success, but it excludes so much.

What time did you weigh yourself- in the morning after you peed? Midway through the day? Right after an exercise session where you sweat a lot? Are you really ‘fitter’ or closer to progress when you weigh yourself first thing in the morning instead of after breakfast?

That’s why, although the scale can be encouraging but it can also become our worst nightmare.

I believe that the healthiest thing to do is forget the scale- throw it away. Stop looking at it or if you really must weigh yourself- do it once a month.

Instead make goals focused on the non-scale victories.

  • Do your pants fit better?
  • Has your heart rate decreased?
  • Can you walk further?
  • Do you have more energy?
  • Are you feeling more confident?
  • Can you exercise without joint pain?
  • Have you been sticking to your plan and watching your portions?
  • Do your workouts feel easier?
  • Have you started lifting heavier?
  • Has your blood pressure decreased?

This list could really continue but the point is that there are so many ways to measure progress, so many goals to chase outside of a number on a scale.

As humans we are so much more than a number on a scale. Lets throw away our scales and figure out what our version of healthy is and start relentlessly chasing that together.

Content and Ideas Created by
Jessica Faulds

As Told by 
Rachel Faulds

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