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My Stem Cell Choice

As I have hinted at in the previous posts, I have been faced with many medical decisions lately. On December 11th my doctor called me with the results from my MRI that was completed two weeks prior. I will admit I was shocked, my doctors have never called me with my MRI results. I knew right away the news wasn’t good.

The MRI has showed that despite our best attempts with Lemtrada, my MS has progressed. I have a new lesion in my occipital lobe and the lesion in my cerebellum has grown further. For those who don’t know, the occipital lobe controls your vision. Having my MS affect my vision has always been my biggest MS fear. The cerebellum is the part of the brain the controls your balance, so this is the leison that affects my balance. It means that even with all my training I know that with these leisons progressing I am fighting an uphill battle to improve my balance.

I spoke with Dr Liu and he has arranged for me to meet with a doctor who specializes in stem cell treatment. I am very lucky to have a doctor on my team who is progressive with his treatments. I see Dr Liu on February 11th for my full MS work up, and I will see the stem cell doctor on February 12th to discuss my options.

I will admit that I am scared for stem cell. There are 2 different protocols and I do not know which one I will be considering/doing. They both have pros and cons, but both are fairly aggressive treatment. I will most likely require a bone marrow harvest, chemotherapy, and stem cell transplant. I will admit that I am nervous for the side effects; for the possibility of losing my hair, the nausea, and all the other side effects that are possible. But, I am also excited for the possibility that stem cell could not only slow or halt my disease progression but also possibly return back some of what I have lost.

Above all I am fortunate to have the family and friends I have for a support system and I am also grateful for all the support from you – my followers.

All the Love

Jess <3 <3


  • Sharon Cibri

    Looking forward to learning more about HSCT in MS treatment.
    Sorry to hear that Lemtrada didn’t work quite well for you.
    Have you considered Ocrelizumab for haulting disease progression?
    I’ve used it as my first MS treatment drip for about two years & have had incredible results in regards haulting disease progression.

    • JessKC

      I have considered it, but it is considered on par with Lemtrada. My doctors think it could work, or it could simply delay my need for the stem cell. Since it is likely i would end up at stem cell anyways I want to do it as soon as possible, while I am as strong as possible. This way I can bounce back faster and keep on my healthy living pathway 🙂 I am glad to hear that Ocrevus is working for you, I have a number of friends on it!

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