My Plant Based Story

Not every vegan has been vegan forever! For those who don’t know where to start, check out this amazing instagram account! @zahirabenhenia has been a vegan for less than a year and is thriving!

Type of Plant Based Diet: 100 % Vegan

Timeline: Under 1 year

Instagram: @Zahirabenhenia

Question 1: What made you decided to go plant based? Was their one specific moment or several moments?

I have watched what the health, vegan films, the game changers and decided to try plant based diet and was surprised how true was it in term of health and also it made more sense for me whats going with environment

Question 2: What was the first step you took towards going plant based?

It wasn’t hard for me to be on plant based diet as i have always following a healthy life style so in term of self discipline wasn’t hard for me. I can say that the first step was doing research about what i need to eat in term of right quantity and type of nutrition so i don’t have any kind of deficiency.

Question 3: What was the hardest part of going plant based?

The hardest part for me on going on plant based diet is that i have to cook my own food all time so i can eat what i need. In Morocco we don’t have vegan restaurants. We can find restaurants with vegetarian options but in term of nutrition isn’t good or enough. So at the moment i can eat outside like salads or soups but always need to back home and cook proper meal. I do crossfit 6 days a week and I’m a mom of kid of 3 years and half and i work so i always need to eat right so i can have strength and energy for my daily life.

Question 4: What is your favourite part about going plant based?

Sharing this journey with my husband as we both decided to go plant based at same time. Also i found it fun and interesting to start exploring new ingredients, eating more veggies than i used to, also in term of my health i have more energy, my recovery speed has increased, my mood is more balanced my sleep is better and vegan food can be tastier than i ever thought. Just being more conscious about what i eat it makes me happy as it is part of self love

Question 5: Have you learned any plant based tips and tricks you would like to share with us?

I cook my protein source food with no spices like chickpea, lentil or beans for example and store it in fridge so i can cook it with any type food i want. It will be quick to cook any meal.

Questions 6: What is the one thing you wished people knew about being plant based?

How healthier we can be and how much we can be part of changing our future and environment for better.

Question 7: Do you have any advice for those who are just starting out on their plant-based journey?

Self discipline is a key, without it will be hard to resist temptations and ignore others opinions about your own choices. Also being aware of what healthy plant based diet is and what you need to eat per day to be healthy. Also avoid processed food even if it is vegan like canned food, vegan fast food ect as it is unhealthy even it is vegan.

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