My Plant Based Story

My Plant Based Story –

I LOVE oat milk and so I occasionally go searching on Instagram to find oat milk Instagram’s for me to support. The truth is Oat milk is so much better for the environment than milks like almond and cashew. Oat milk is delicious for us, has protein and important minerals and nutrients and doesn’t wreck the environment so lets give a big shout out to

Type of Plant Based Diet: 100% Vegan

Timeline: 3 to 5 years


Question 1: What made you decided to go plant based? Was their one specific moment or several moments?

I used to be a vegetarian for a long time and I think going vegan was the natural path to follow. There was not a specific moment that made me realized it but many factors that influenced my choice to go vegan.

Question 2: What was the first step you took towards going plant based?

At the very beginning I cut off meat from my daily meals, that was the first step toward a vegan lifestyle!

Question 3: What was the hardest part of going plant based?

Well, I’m from Switzerland and I guess I kinda missed cheese at the beginning. Fortunately, we now have many options that replace regular cheese and are even more tasteful!

Question 4: What is your favourite part about going plant based?

Definitely discovering new recipes! People think that because you are vegan your options are limited but it’s totally untrue. You learn to discover need ingredients you never heard of, create new combinations, and taste new flavors.

Question 5: Have you learned any plant based tips and tricks you would like to share with us?

Not a secret trick but I followed a lot of accounts on Instagram that share daily recipes, advices, good vegan restaurants locations, and many more!

Questions 6: What is the one thing you wished people knew about being plant based?

All the benefits it offers: stopping animal cruelty, reducing carbon footprint, improving your health, going plant-based has only advantages.

Question 7: Do you have any advice for those who are just starting out on their plant-based journey?

Don’t rush into it! Switching your diet from regular food to a 100% vegan diet is the worst way to get into this wonderful universe and you might even drop off after a short period. Take your time, do a bit of research, slowly cut off food issued from animals sources and talk with other people who have been in the V game, they are always willing to help 🙂

Question 8: Last but not least would you like to share your favourite plant based food (recipe or single item)? Feel free to share a link and we will link it in the blog.

Not the most elaborate but I love grilled tofu and broccolis marinated in sesame sauce!

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