My Plant Based Story

My Plant Based Story – Fye_Vegan_Chic

If you are looking for amazing vegan desserts I swear this page is a one stop shop for them all! I cannot go to this page without getting hungry for cake!

Type of Plant Based Diet: Vegan

Timeline: Vegetarian  1 to 3 years

Instagram: Fye_Vegan_Chic

Question 1: What made you decided to go plant based? Was their one specific moment or several moments?

I thought about my family history and the number of loved ones we’ve lost from hypertension, diabetes, etc. I decided since I’m not on any medications that I would do everything in my power to remain off of them as long as I possibly can. I also wanted a lifestyle weight loss change that I could actually stick to.

Question 2: What was the first step you took towards going plant based?

I went “Cold Turkey” and started researching vegan foods and cooking them.

Question 3: What was the hardest part of going plant based?

When I’m on a cleanse, the raw vegan foods take a lot more planning. Especially with my schedule.

Question 4: What is your favourite part about going plant based?

I have so much energy and I just feel better all around!

Question 5: Have you learned any plant based tips and tricks you would like to share with us?

I’ve learned that texture is the only difference you have to adjust to with being vegan. The flavor can be duplicated with just about anything you’d like. Baking is my passion and there is so much similarity in the taste of the cakes, most of my customers are non-vegan.

Questions 6: What is the one thing you wished people knew about being plant based?

It’s not what you think. Try it first, then decide. Don’t automatically assume you cannot do it.

Question 7: Do you have any advice for those who are just starting out on their plant-based journey?

Keep testing different products until you find the one you like best. Everyone is different. Also, use google for recipes, but feel free to get creative and make it your own. Whatever you have the taste for, there is a way to make the vegan version!

Question 8: Last but not least would you like to share your favourite plant based food (recipe or single item)? Feel free to share a link and we will link it in the blog.

Of course my favorite plant based food is my vegan dessert!

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