My Plant Based Story

My Plant Based Story – @angelhairbby

In my plant based intagram adventures I came across @angelhairbby and I have to say her Instagram page makes me HUNGRY! If you are looking for a beautiful plant based inspiration page you don’t want to miss hers! I look at her page and almost immediately feel the need to get into the kitchen Check her out!

Type of Plant Based Diet: Flexitarian

Timeline: 3 to 5 years

Instagram: @angelhairbby_

Question 1: What made you decided to go plant based? Was their one specific moment or several moments?

I remember when I was 17 visiting Santa Fe with my family and they had ordered a super greasy meat lovers pizza that didn’t make my stomach feel right that night. As we did the 10 hour drive home, we passed lots of beautiful cow pastures where the cows looked super peaceful; it made me wonder why the hell we ate them as food in the first place. I went straight vegetarian for about 3 years, but then started incorporating fish back into my diet ever since.

Question 2: What was the hardest part of going plant based?

The hardest part was being vegan at social events or after a night out with friends; there’s such a huge temptation to partake in pizza and wings, especially when you’re drunk lol. Living with a meat loving boyfriend was also initially an obstacle when trying to be fully plant based again.

Question 3: What is your favourite part about going plant based?

My favorite part about it was just being more creative about my meals; I go to bed every night so excited to cook new colorful plant based recipes. It’s made me passionate about cooking and I feel like it’s such a sacred outlet for creativity.

Question 4: Have you learned any plant based tips and tricks you would like to share with us?

Mushrooms are such perfect substitutes for red meat if you want to start there! One of my favorite steakhouse recipes is a truffle mushroom steak where you can cook trumpet/oyster mushrooms similar to a piece of steak.

Questions 5: What is the one thing you wished people knew about being plant based?

You CAN indeed get your protein from vegetables!! It’s very rare to be deficient in protein anyways but there’s many veggies that can give you the proper amount of protein without having meat.

Question 6: Do you have any advice for those who are just starting out on their plant-based journey?

It doesn’t have to be perfect starting out! Slowly cutting certain things out is a great place to start, even if it’s just one or two things or 1-2 days a week with no meat or dairy.

Question 7: Last but not least would you like to share your favourite plant based food (recipe or single item)? Feel free to share a link and we will link it in the blog.

My favorite plant based food has to be classic tomato pasta; I’m half Italian and I love to cook the sauce for hours. I use about 8-9 tomatoes; boil them in hot water, place them in an ice bath after, & remove the skin. In a big pot, melt butter, garlic, & onions. Then crush the skinless tomatoes into the pot w/ your hands if you like, add some tomato paste, throw in basil, oregano, seasonings, & then let it simmer for 6 hours. Stir occasionally. Mix with pasta of choosing when ready!!

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