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My Choice: Becoming a Vegetarian

This wasn’t a rash decision, it happened over time. Just like most nutritional changes- the best method for change was to take baby steps. What I’m referring to is becoming a vegetarian. I have been slowly phasing out meat for the last year and a little while ago I made the decision to go exclusively vegetarian.

I love my Veggies!

I’ve done this for a few reasons:

  • During chemo meat made me feel terrible. Maybe it was a side effect of the drugs, but I knew that I needed to listen to my body and eat less meat. This experience made switching to vegetarian eating very easy.
  • On a day to day basis- eating vegetarian foods has made me feel healthier. But don’t worry- I’ve been able to maintain my high protein diet. It takes a little bit of planning but is easily doable. And as a bonus? I don’t get that same heavy feeling post-meal like I used to.
  • I’ve previously mentioned my menopause and how one of the side effects is heartburn. I feel like it’s needless to say- but it sucked.  So I started tracking when the heartburn flared up and it was always after eating meat. Since cutting meat out completely I am no longer getting heartburn.
  • I’m trying to drop that chemo weight and get back to where I feel comfortable. Chemo put about 20 pounds on me and I find that dropping weight is a little easier with a vegetarian diet.
  • There are also animal and environmental reasons. I’ve been learning some amazing facts about animals- like did you know that cows have best friends? Or that pigs are smarter than toddlers. After learning these facts I figured that I could get all my protein without eating my friendly furry farm animals. There is also the added benefit of making my eco-footprint a little bit smaller. *Please note that I do still eat eggs and yogurt.
  • The vegetarian lifestyle is cheaper- I am always looking to save my money. Once I started eating vegetarian I realized my grocery bill was about $30 cheaper every week (this bill is only for me), which can add up to $1500 a year! Don’t worry I’m spending that extra money on things that I love like getting my nails done, spoiling my dog, going on a vacation.

These are all the reasons that I switched the vegetarian lifestyle, it makes me happy and is the lifestyle that my wallet likes best- but please note that this does not mean that I am telling you to go vegetarian. The foundation of all the right bites is that the nutrition plan is designed specifically for you and what works best for your lifestyle. We can work together to define your healthy goals (meat included) and create a plan so you reach your definition of success. I’m always here to help, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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