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I Hate “Resolutions”

I Hate Resolutions but I Love Habit Changing

New year, new decade- did you make any resolutions for 2020? Are you one of the many people that told yourself “2020 is my year- I’m going to make a change and it’s going to be great. Starting January one it’s new year new me”?

Why I Dislike Resolutions

Resolutions are very common, but I have a problem with them- I don’t think they are sustainable. January 20th was known as “blue Monday” for being the average amount of time it takes for resolutions to die. It’s a shame because it takes about 21 days to make a habit.

Why do I have a problem with resolutions? Well because I don’t think they work. I think that attempting to go ‘all in’ on something is not sustainable and very unrealistic.

Going from not exercising to telling yourself you must workout seven days a week? What’s going to happen when you get sore- and you will get sore. Will missing one workout make you think that you’ve failed? That since you’ve already failed you might as well now miss two workouts? Three?

What’s going to happen when you’ve told yourself ‘no more junk food’ but it’s your friends birthday and you all want to go out- and there’s your favorite cake? Now that you’ve ‘failed’ are you going to just keep eating junk food all weekend?

Progress Not Perfection

Going all in is a dangerous thing because nobody can be perfect all of the time. Let me just repeat that- nobody can be perfect all the time. Even professional athletes have ‘off seasons’ where they might indulge in a little extra wine. Or off days where they fell short in their workout or competition.

Nobody can be perfect all the time. It’s better to aim for progress. I think the solution is to go 90/10. Make yourself 6 healthy meals at dinner time and then have one unhealthy one. Aim for three workouts a week instead of forcing yourself to the gym every day- and try to space them throughout the week to let your body recover enough that you aren’t dreading how much your body will hurt on rep one.

Start Simply

I also think one of the important keys to making your habits stick is to not overwhelm yourself. One change at a time. Don’t try to change your diet, start working out, stop smoking, stop spending $5 on lattes every day, all at once. Pick one at a time. I suggest working on your diet for 3 weeks before beginning to add in exercise.

Love Yourself

I think that we all have the capacity to be exceptional in our lives, but we need strategies and help to do so. If you’ve fallen off the wagon of your resolutions or need help figuring out how to work towards becoming a healthier version of you- I’m here to help.

Remember: Love yourself and lets work on habits and not resolutions.

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