Have Your Cake and Eat it Too Program

Gotta Love Cake

Ever since I was a little girl I have had a sweet tooth. I will be honest, having a sweet tooth can be hard. I will admit I can’t walk past a cookie tray without wanting one.

My boyfriend on the other hand, actually cuts treats in halves or quarters! I remember the first time I saw him cut a butter tart in half, and he ONLY ATE HALF. I remember thinking what black magic is this?!?!

Sadly I would say 99% of us do not have that self control, so that is why I came up with my Have Your Cake and Eat it Too Program!

Over the last few years I found that if I gave myself a little treat everyday I didn’t binge out and consume all the snacks in sight. Considering is a happy medium!

We listen to our bodies, we enjoy our treats and we still hit out healthy goals.

The Have Your Cake and Eat it too Program is an incredible 8-week program where we will work together to define exactly what healthy means to you! We will set healthy goals and crush them! We will eat delicious food, move more and of course enjoy our treats along the way!

The program will have everything you need and more!

  1. 2 meal plan choices a week (plant based & omnivore)
  2. 2 Awesome snack lists (plant based & omnivore)
  3. 2 favourite snack requests for the list
  4. A weekly team coaching call with ME!
  5. Access to a private facebook motivation group
  6. Weekly motivation Emails

I promise you after participating in this Program you will be able to Have Your Cake and Eat it Too, while hitting all your healthy living goals! After all life is too short to live without cake!

I want you in my next have your cake and eat it to program, if you want in the next time we run the program please fill out your info below and we will send you all the info as soon as we announce the next challenge date!

To hold you over try this 7 day freebie of the Have Your Cake and Eat it Too Challenge! You will receive a 7 day meal plan, grocery list, healthy snack list and unhealthy snack list!

So join me today with our Have Your Cake and Eat it Too Program!

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