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Have Your Cake and Eat it Too Challenge

The Holidays are approaching and even though this is an unprecedented year, and celebrations may look a little different, I believe that the holidays are meant to be enjoyed.

I want to show everyone that you can treat every day like a holiday and include your favourite treats daily.

I believe that ‘treats’ actually allow you to reach your fitness goals.

I believe that meal plans aren’t synonymous with boring or bland.

I believe that we can have our favourite snacks and not gain weight.

I believe that life is about listening to your body and sometimes your body wants you to have some cake (and definitely eat it).

Life, like the holidays, are meant to be enjoyed. I can show you how.

So join this challenge!

Where WE can share our favourite treats.

Where WE will support each other.

Where WE will combat any negativity with authentic positivity.

Where WE we will celebrate ALL of our treats and know that they are leading us to a full, happy, healthy and balanced life. Are you with me?

So how can you “Have Your Cake and Eat it To”? Well it’s simple, join our 8 week program and for $200 you can get the following:

  1. 2 meal plan choices a week (plant based & omnivore)
  2. 2 Awesome snack lists (plant based & omnivore)
  3. 2 favourite snack requests for the list
  4. A weekly team coaching call with ME!
  5. Access to a private facebook motivation group
  6. Weekly motivation Emails
  7. My Have your cake and eat it Too holiday guidelines!

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