Habenaro Cheesy Homemade Bagels

Those who know me know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything bagels.

All the Bagels, All the Smiles

In fact I have an everything bagel every single day with 2 scrambled eggs for an epic egg sandwich.

I recently was shown a quick bagel recipe that I wanted to try out and make my own. I give you my Habenaro Cheesey Garlic Homemade Bagels.

The Recipe


1. 1 cup flour
2. 1 cup plain Skyr yogurt
3. 1 large egg
4. 2 tsp baking powder
5. 1/4 tsp salt
6. 1 cup shredded cheese
7. 2 tsp minced garlic


1. Mix dry ingredients together
2. Add in egg, garlic, yogurt and cheese.
3. Roll doll on a flour surface – divide the main dough ball into 4 smaller dough balls.
4. I like to roll the dough balls into what I call dough snakes, and join the ends together with an egg wash.
5. Bake for 25-30 minutes at 375F
6. 5 minutes before they are done I sprinkle a bit of extra cheese on top to make them extra cheesy 🙂


A fun fact – i will make the bagels without holes to make it easier to fill them with my eggs and toppings for my daily sandwiches.

Next time I am trying a cinnamon raisin style bagel and a poppy seed.

Let me know what variation you come up with!

Taste Ratings

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This recipe is so fast and so easy – it takes almost no effort! A lot of bagel recipes take a long time, and recommend things like a bath water etc, but this recipe made bagels super easy for me!

This recipe was inspired by the SkinnyTaste  – I chose to change the yogurt, add in the cheese and use a whole egg because of the protein benefits 🙂

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