Dyllan Blog One: Welcome

To kick off my first ever blog about health, I thought I’d start off with introducing myself. My name is Dyllan; no, my parents aren’t Bob Dylan fans. Yes, it’s a “boy’s name” – and here I am, a 30 year old female.

I work, what I call, a normal person job in fund development for a non-profit in Calgary, AB. In addition, I also have two businesses that I founded and operate. For ten years, I’ve clipped horses (which is fancy way of saying I shave off their hair) and I am also certified in equine massage therapy – and so, Equilize Equine Services was born. Writing is my other major passion; from freelancing, to blogs such as these, to poetry and fiction.

I am a self-proclaimed crazy animal lady – I have six animals currently, and my rare spare time is dedicated to them. The result of having an intense, high-stress schedule, coupled with a plethora of crummy genes, has been an atrocious amount of fat-gain. In ten years, I packed on a whopping 100lb. There is no mystery as to why my knees and ankles hurt!

This will not be my first attempt to lose the weight – in the last year I was able to drop 30lb while on a medication called Saxenda, but with a change in benefit providers, I had to say goodbye to coverage. Now I am saying a big HELLO to Jessica. Who has her work cut out for her with the likes of me, as you will see as you read on.

My first thought as I started out on this whole health journey is how tracking a week of my current diet is almost enough to shame me into trying to clean it up. Almost – I just shoved handfuls of salt and vinegar chips into my mouth and am thinking how that “one handful of chips” in my food diary must now be changed to “the whole bag of chips.” Yesterday, an effort to “sleep in” before my first client clip of the day, resulted in me rolling up to A&W on my drive out of town. I had onion rings and diet rootbeer for breakfast. More of a breakfast of depression and regret, than a breakfast of champions.

I wish I could say this is a rare occurrence, but I’m painfully aware of how abysmal my diet is. It’s slowly coming around, as I learn to enjoy cooking through a recipe and ingredient delivery service. Grocery shopping is forever my arch nemesis – and this helps me stay somewhat more on track throughout the week. For exercise I play dodgeball, ride horses, and walk my dogs. I have a love of boxing and weight lifting, but struggle to find the motivation when my cozy reading socks and couch beckon so sweetly to me at the end of a long day.

That being said, I’m ecstatic to have Jess to guide me along this journey towards a healthier life! While I may not return to the abs of my youth, I’m looking forward to having more confidence in both my appearance, and when it comes to trying new activities. If anyone can hold me accountable, it’s Jess!

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