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Defining What Healthy Means to You

Breaking Down Barriers and Defining my Own Idea of Healthy

Healthy in Chemo

Recently someone told me that she didn’t think she was healthy due to her MS. It really got me thinking. She viewed her faulty immune system as the robber of her overall health. It got me thinking, why do pre-existing conditions have to steal our title of health. I get it, the official definition of health is “the state of being free from illness or injury” and MS is an illness. But the World Health Organization changed it’s own definition of health to “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

So really, what is healthy?

The World Health Organization’s definition definitely encompasses more- including mental and social health. It understands that ‘health’ is so much more than being disease-free. But as someone who has spent her entire adult life and a lot of her teenage life living with a chronic illness, I don’t think this is entirely fair.

Personally, I’ve run half marathons, quite quickly I might add. I’ve boxed and brought boxing into my family. I’ve hiked long trails. Walk with my dog until she’s exhausted. I made the conscious decision to eat my appropriate servings of vegetables. But according to all the definitions I have read for “healthy” my diagnosis officially robbed me of my ‘healthy’ title.

How Unfair is That?!?!

That never really sat well with me. It was something I didn’t ever fully accept. And as I’ve gotten more involved in the health and fitness world I’ve settled on creating and defining my own definition of healthy. For me, healthy is a state of feeling fantastic, it’s being able to do my workouts and mentally having more good days than bad days.

I Can Be Healthy

● I can be healthy and have a bad mental health day
● I can be healthy and have a confirmed diagnosis
● I can be healthy and training for a half marathon
● I can be healthy and taking a break from my workouts

Finding my own Definition of Healthy

For me, healthy is so much more than being disease-free or being a certain pants size. But that is what healthy means to me. I always encourage people to come up with their owns goals and their own definition of healthy. So right here, right now I challenge you to do the same: what does healthy mean to you?

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