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I Grew up a Runners Daughter

My dad is an ironman. 35 years later he still holds records at his high school. He is the toughest man I know and hands down the best runner.

When I run with my dad, I can tell him – “Hey day I want to run 5 minutes kms” – he can run a 5 minutes km without even looking at his watch. He can match my GPS kilometer for kilometer and all just based on the feel of his run.

My dad runs like no one else. So when I first decided to start running I turned to my dad and asked him to help me with a couch to 5k run program. I wanted to use it for myself and future clients.

The above photo is the first four weeks – it is designed to help you get in the swing of things. All run workouts are designed to be at your pace. When I started I would run a minute – walk a minute. As I got better I would run 2 minutes – walk a minute.

Part 2 the runs start to get longer and I started to focus on the fun things like track workouts. Tracks are a great place to train because you can do speed work on the track easily (all the distances are already measured out!). My favourite is to sprint for 100 m and recover for 300 m. Track workouts are where you can make life fun – which may be something only my family loves but hey fun workouts are needed!

All I can say about running is believe in the run – running is my me time, it is the time when I relax, let go and just think. I move to the music and I feel free. I push my limits and crush my goals. Believe in your run <3


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