Cheers to Dodgeball

Let’s start this off with a brutally honest confession – I ate my face off and barely moved from my couch for a two-week staycation over the holiday season. I could feel my cells screaming for vegetables, or at least exercise if I was going to insist on deep fried potatoes being the staple of my diet. My hands became permanently crooked as if holding a video game controller. I was a glorious mess.

The consequences of my actions (or lack thereof) was some added poundage, that will no doubt take me twice as long to lose as it took to gain, and, my god, the acid reflux. Truthfully, the horrific pain I get from acid reflux is more of a motivator to clean up my eating habits than packing around some extra weight. I’ve lost sleep to it many a-time, and combined with copious amounts of ibuprofen to stave off migraines from Calgary’s weather fluctuations I’ve done a great job of destroying my GI tract. Once to the point of landing myself in the ER after vomiting blood, which left me taking a protein pump inhibitor at double dose for three months. A point I do not wish to return to. With my body being so sensitive that it even reacts with acid reflux to bananas, I am excited to see what suggestions Jess will have for me to reduce the acidity and inflammation in my body through diet.

Since my last blog post, I’ve wrapped up my first season of dodgeball. Our lovely little team of misfit individuals came in second in our league, after a bitter loss during the championship game. The insanely competitive streak that rages through me was SO disappointed. However! I finally found a form of exercise I did not dread and want to avoid. I absolutely loved my game nights and saw a noticeable improvement in my “skills” between our first and last games. I found myself wanting to be fitter, even if only because I’m obsessed with winning. Through my dodgeball team, I also happened to find a partner for badminton – which I have wanted to play since my long-gone high school days. Our badminton league will be starting on Jan. 16th and I can’t wait for he and I to clean up on the court. Sadly, due to a lack of free time, I did not sign up again for dodgeball after opting for badminton instead.

Another confession – my social anxiety is something fierce. The thought of joining strangers for dodgeball when I could instead play badminton with a familiar teammate quickly made my decision for me. My fingers are crossed that I will be able to play both sports next season.

Playing dodgeball, without a doubt, solidified several things:

  1. I’m not as lazy/fat/unskilled as I think I am (and if you feel similarly – NEITHER ARE YOU!)
  2. Find a form of exercise you genuinely and truly enjoy. I know this seems so obvious, but you have no idea how many times I talked myself OUT of joining dodgeball because of point #1, alongside social anxiety. The thought of most other sports, or going to the gym, make me want to curl up and die. Or, at least will make me complain so much that someone else puts me out of my misery. Finding a game I LOVED to play made exercise lose the feeling of it being a burden. Being excited over exercise is a weird and wonderful thing!
  3. Unless your current fitness level makes it dangerous, do the thing you’ve always wanted to do! (but maybe have been too afraid (or whatever) to) YOU WON’T REGRET IT! Even if you ultimately dislike it, you will have given it a fair shot, and have learned more about what path to follow to better health and happiness.

Here’s to finding your dodgeball in 2019!

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