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Crushing Goals can be HARD!

You know this. I know this. We all know this!

Life is easier when we have people to crush goals with and that is why I LOVE challenges.

Challenges are amazing because:

  1. The are an inexpensive way to crush you goals – let’s be honest 1 on 1 training is always more expensive. With group challenges you have all the access to the coach, but a sticker that is more wallet friendly!
  2. You are never alone! – Challenges come with built in buddies, Facebook cheerleaders and a place to vent when you are feeling alone. You are part of a challenge family!
  3. Questions get answered – All your questions are answered, and sometimes questioned that you didn’t know you had get answered!
  4. The party at the end – HELLO celebrating at the end of things is always the best, and who likes to party alone?
  5. You are more likely to succeed – studies have shown that you are 90% more likely to succeed if you have a partner! Join the challenge and get all the challenge partners! We will all hold you accountable!

Challenges are run through out the year but we have 2 main Challenges!

Plant Based Excellence Program

Have you ever considered becoming a vegan? Maybe you have a vegan friend who inspires you? Maybe you heard about the benefits of going plant-based? Maybe you are an animal lover looking to make a change?

Or maybe you are already ready vegan, maybe you are looking for some new recipes to mix things up! Maybe you want to take your foot off the gas and not plan your meals for the next couple of months!!

This program is designed to make things easy for you!

Well don’t wait any longer! Join our Plant Based Excellence Program!

For more info: check out the Plant Based Excellent Page!