Challah Bread

Challah Bread!

I will be honest – I have been obsessed with bread making lately and I have never been more proud of a bread than my first ever Challah bread.

I fell in love with Challah bread when I had some from my local bakery. It makes the best French toast, it is delicious and soft and lets face it BEAUTIFUL.

If you want to impress someone with this beautiful bread try out this easy Challah bread.

  1. 2½ cups (510 grams) lukewarm water
  2. 1½ tablespoons (14 grams) instant yeast
  3. 8 egg yolks (save the whites for great egg sandwiches)
  4. 5 Tablespoon (71 grams) vegetable oil
  5. 5 tbsp. local honey
  6. 7½ cups (964 grams) unbleached bread flour
  7. 2 ½ teaspoons salt
  8. 1 egg white for egg wash
  9. 2 Tablespoons (30 grams) water for egg wash
  1. Put water in a bowl. Whisk in Honey and yeast – allow to sit for 5 minutes. Yeast should go foamy – if it doesn’t your yeast has expired and the bread won’t rise.
  2. Once foamy add in vegetable oil, egg yolks and whisk together.
  3. In a separate bowl whish together flour and salt.
  4. Slowly add flour mixture to yeast mixture. 1 cup a t a time. and knead as dough forms.
  5. Once you have a dough ball – remove the dough ball to a floured surface and knead for 10 minutes.
  6. Leave the dough for a minimum of 2 hours to allow it to rise.
  7. Once it has risen divide the dough ball into 6 smaller balls.
  8. Roll the dough balls into “snakes” – this is used for the braid.
  9. You can do a normal 3 piece braid but I love the 6 piece – its sounds more complicated but it looks that much better!
  10. For the braid, pinch the 6 pieces together at the top. Starting from the right the pattern is over 2 pieces, under 1 over 2. Repeat.
  11. Pinch together at the bottom.
  12. Bake on convection, 400F for 30 minutes or until golden brown!

ENJOY – trust me all your friends will be so impressed, I promise.

PS this bread makes some epic grilled cheese ✌🏼😂

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