Jessica currently lives as a vegetarian so the majority of her recipes with be vegetarian/vegan. However as a nutritional consultant Jess has experience with all types of diets, including: vegetarian, vegan, paleo, keto, AI protocols and general weight loss.

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    Challah Bread

    Challah Bread! I will be honest – I have been obsessed with bread making lately and I have never been more proud of a bread than my first ever Challah bread. I fell in love with Challah bread when I…

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    Vegan Enchilada

    Mmm Enchiladas! Enchiladas are one of my favourite foods, they are easy, quick and super delicious. These days you can even buy premade enchilada sauce at the grocery store! Though I do add extra hot sauce to mine, because we…

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    High Protein Lentil Salsa

    As a vegetarian I am always looking for new ways to up my protein. Recently I was looking in my pantry and thought hmmm what can I make that’s quick and easy with lentils. Lentils are great protein and I…

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    Air Fried Tofu

    I am still using that air fryer! My boyfriend and I both agree that its one of the best purchases for our kitchen ever! Recently we wanted a tofu stir fry, so I was like YES, air fried tofu. I…

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    Chick Pea Rice Bowl

    Isn’t Food Art AMAZING We all eat with our eyes first, and honestly presentation can take a boring meal and make it amazing. This is my vegetarian Shawarama Chickpea bowl. It is amazing, simple and totally delicious. I use the…