Jessica currently lives as a vegetarian so the majority of her recipes with be vegetarian/vegan. However as a nutritional consultant Jess has experience with all types of diets, including: vegetarian, vegan, paleo, keto, AI protocols and general weight loss.

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    Zucchini Bites

    When I was little bagel pizza bites were the biggest thing ever! The commercials looked amazing! The kids were so excited, the food looked delicious and honestly what more could you want than little mini pizzas? Now as a grown…

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    Cheesy Vegan Gnocchi and Broccoli Bake

    There is something wonderful and delicious about a baked pasta meal. Baked pasta is just so comforting! What more could you want? Pasta and cheese are an epic combination! I was craving some baked pasta and mac n cheese –…

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    The Ultimate Brunch Bowl

    In my world eggs are a perfect meal just about any time of the day! Breakfast, lunch and dinner – but my favourite meal is Brunch. My boyfriend teases me – he calls me a hobbit. He says that I…

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    Treat Food, Not Cheat Food

    We’ve all heard it people say “It’s my cheat day”. What does this even mean? The word ‘cheat’ itself is really negative. What do people cheat on? Cheating on a test? Cheating on your taxes? Cheating on a spouse? Cheating…

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    Chia Seed Pudding Two Ways

    I have always loved puddings and jellos, basically any sweet easy snack. However we all know that these snacks are never the healthiest, packed full of artificial sugars and not very high in nutrients as a whole. Luckily I found…

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    Homemade Beet Pasta

    If you are like me you LOVE beets. It took me a while to come around to beets but now I swear it is like I am a magnet for them! If beets are on the menu, I am ordering…