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    My Stem Cell Choice

    As I have hinted at in the previous posts, I have been faced with many medical decisions lately. On December 11th my doctor called me with the results from my MRI that was completed two weeks prior. I will admit I…

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    Stellar Kombucha

    By now, nearly everyone has heard of Kombucha – though many people are not quite sure what it is! Thought to originate in Asia, kombucha is created through the fermentation of a culture of yeast and bacteria known as a…

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    Am I Healthy?

    Ever since my MS diagnosis, I have been told numerous times that I am unhealthy. By traditional definitions of “healthy” – they’re absolutely right. This chronic disease can leave me so fatigued that some days it’s a struggle to get…

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    Benefits of Eating Wild Game

    Benefits of Eating Wild Game “There is something extraordinary about a food that has touched no other hands than your own throughout the entire process,” says Ethan, from Edmonton, Alberta. Now, we understand that hunting can be a controversial topic,…