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    Chemo F***ing Sucks

    I don’t mean to state the obvious, but chemo fucking sucks. Right now in my treatment I’ve completed all rounds of chemo and even have completed the stem cell infusion – 800 million stems cells were put back. This means…

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    Building my Team: Intrinsi

    I moved to Calgary in January of 2018. I was new to town, knew nobody, but needed to build myself a medical support team. With nobody to ask for recommendations, google was my guide. Originally seeking an osteopath as the…

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    Woman’s Best Friend

    A dog is a woman’s best friend. If you have one you know. If you don’t, I wish I could explain it better but just know that there is something so pure, so wonderful, and so special about a being…

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    Bald is Beautiful

      I know that it’s just hair. But to me it wasn’t. When I knew that I had to undergo HSCT my hair was one of the first things that popped into my mind. Crazy right? I’m putting my life…

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    Running on Chemo

    I started running after I was diagnosed with MS. It was a way to take my body back. It allowed me to identify as an athlete chasing runners high rather than someone whose body was failing her. That’s why I’ve…

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    Sick and Tired

    It’s been twelve years since I received my diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. I try to be positive, I really do; I try to view MS as just a part of my life. A part of my life that makes things…