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    Are Vitamins Worth It?

    Nutrition can be overwhelming. A lot of us can see products advertising that they are high in a specific vitamin but we don’t really know why we need them. We can walk through the health food aisle and see a…

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    Be Your Own Advocate

    The doctors are the medical professionals. They know best. Take notes, have them make a plan and then follow it perfectly. Don’t understand? Still follow the plan. Doesn’t feel quite right? Still follow the plan. Early in my MS journey…

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    I Don’t Feel Pretty

    It feels weird to openly say that I want to feel pretty, that I miss feeling pretty, that the way I look is often on my mind. It feels weird to say this, but since chemo ‘pretty’ is what’s been…

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    The Love of a Mom and Dad

    By Rachel Faulds The Beginning Stephanie and Allan Faulds took their daughter to the Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto in 2007. It was there that their oldest daughter Jessica was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 15. Since…