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    Saying Good Bye to MS

    Today I get to say goodbye to MS. I get to say goodbye for two reasons. The first is that I have completed the most effective treatment I could do to fight MS- Stem Cell. The Stem Cell treatment was filled with…

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    I Hate “Resolutions”

    I Hate Resolutions but I Love Habit Changing New year, new decade- did you make any resolutions for 2020? Are you one of the many people that told yourself “2020 is my year- I’m going to make a change and…

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    Menopause at 27

    Menopause at 27 I am 27 years old and experiencing menopause. Those hot flashes everyone dreads? Yeah I have them. The heartburn? It kills. I have the hormone levels of someone twice my age. Now I knew about the possibility…

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    Are Vitamins Worth It?

    Nutrition can be overwhelming. A lot of us can see products advertising that they are high in a specific vitamin but we don’t really know why we need them. We can walk through the health food aisle and see a…