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    Treat Food, Not Cheat Food

    We’ve all heard it people say “It’s my cheat day”. What does this even mean? The word ‘cheat’ itself is really negative. What do people cheat on? Cheating on a test? Cheating on your taxes? Cheating on a spouse? Cheating…

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    Couch to 5k

    I Grew up a Runners Daughter My dad is an ironman. 35 years later he still holds records at his high school. He is the toughest man I know and hands down the best runner. When I run with my…

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    Saying Good Bye to MS

    Today I get to say goodbye to MS. I get to say goodbye for two reasons. The first is that I have completed the most effective treatment I could do to fight MS- Stem Cell. The Stem Cell treatment was filled with…