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    The Dreaded Plateau

    Plateau- we’ve all been there. We’ve been following our meal plan and not gotten any leaner. We’ve been going to the gym but aren’t able to progress to lifting heavier. We’ve been doing what we are ‘supposed to do’ to…

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    Non Scale Victories

    How often have we seen it? Weight loss milestones- 10lb? 15lb? 25lb? A lot of people embark on their weight loss journey with only one unit of measurement: A victory on the scale. But what I’m here to talk to…

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    Treat Food, Not Cheat Food

    We’ve all heard it people say “It’s my cheat day”. What does this even mean? The word ‘cheat’ itself is really negative. What do people cheat on? Cheating on a test? Cheating on your taxes? Cheating on a spouse? Cheating…