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Building my Team: Intrinsi

I moved to Calgary in January of 2018. I was new to town, knew nobody, but needed to build
myself a medical support team. With nobody to ask for recommendations, google was my guide.
Originally seeking an osteopath as the first member of my support team, google brought me into
the Intrinsi Physio waiting room.

Meeting Jon

I got there early and while I was waiting, Jon walked in. He started talking to me. I told him who I
was, why I was building my support team. I told him that I had MS but still felt healthy. I told him
that I loved running long distances. I told him that although I had an autoimmune disease I still
wanted to move my body and keep racing the clock. He told me that he was a physiotherapist
who specialized in neuro and thought that we could start a great partnership. From day one nothing
has been off the table. He believed in my goals and was never blinded by a diagnosis.

Jon and I

He used my diagnosis as a way to understand me but never as an excuse to hold me back. We
have done traditional physiotherapy work focusing on alignment, muscle movement, needling
and balance work. Jon structures everything we do to celebrate and enhance what I can do
rather than what I can’t. In MS not every nerve pathway works effectively, but we don’t give up.
We work around it.

Working with Intrinsi

With treating MS Jon believes that there is no protocol, or guide book. We don’t have a clear
instruction manual to follow, so we make our own. And our manual is unique to me. What
makes Jon and intrinsi special is that I don’t only work with one person- I work with the Intrinsi
team. Jon often says that the health professionals at Intrinsi “throw away their egos, and
collaborate so that the client gets the best possible treatment”. It’s my experience that this is

Physio Run training

Intrinsi is in a league of their own when it comes to the treatment they provide.
I started with Intrinsi a year and a half ago. I’m so glad google guided me to them. With only
google as a guide I feel so grateful for whatever it was that made me click on their web page that
day. Was it fate? I don’t know. All I know is that what they have done for me has been
unparalleled . A huge extra special shout out to Jon and Joel, for taking on this battle with me, it means more than you know <3

Jon, Joel and I during a team session

Their support hasn’t been isolated to the services they provide. For the month of July every 5
star review they get on google they are donating $5 to help me through my stem cell treatment.
Although my treatment costs are covered, my egg harvest, time off of work and incidentals are
not. Right now Intrinsi is my team, and in a team we all have each others backs. So thank you
Intrinsi, and please go give them a 5 star review. They are a 5 star organization.

Content and Ideas Created by
Jessica Faulds

As Told by 
Rachel Faulds

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