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Be Your Own Advocate

The doctors are the medical professionals. They know best. Take notes, have them make a plan and then follow it perfectly. Don’t understand? Still follow the plan. Doesn’t feel quite right? Still follow the plan.

Early in my MS journey that was how I attached my life with MS. I’ve sat across from numerous doctors- all brilliant people. But it was because of their brilliance that I ignored my gut when it didn’t feel right. Don’t get me wrong- normally I agree with my doctors, they know a lot more than I do about the human body. But I am the expert on my body.

When I was 20 I was put on Tysabri. I was JVC positive which meant that my risk of side effects increased. The most notable side effect was a brain infection that could cause death. Yeah- scary shit. It wasn’t likely, but it was a possibility. I spent a year in constant worry and the stress started to drive me crazy. I wanted a new option.

I went back to my doctor at 21. Equipped with 10 pages of research and prepared to have a conversation. Although medically their prescription made sense- I needed a new option. I needed peace of mind. This moment; the research and conversation was about more than a new prescription.

It was about learning that I am responsible for advocating for myself. I am responsible for voicing my concerns and using my voice. I am responsible for me.

Your doctors know the facts. They know the human body, but you know your gut. I encourage you to task the hard questions. Ask the embarrassing questions. Just ask questions.

To quote Akiroq Brost “You are responsible for yourself, to love yourself, to care for yourself, and to help yourself.”.

If you need help on some help advocacy you can get some tips here.

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