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Vegan? Be an Imperfect Vegan

Be Imperfect – Be an Imperfect Vegan

The other day, I was messaged by someone on Instagram. They told me that they did not want to follow my page because I was not 100% vegan.

That is true. I am not 100% vegan. I eat honey, local honey, from my boyfriend’s dad’s hives. If I am out with friends and there is absolutely no vegan option on the menu, I will order something vegetarian. I always try my best to get the vegan option – but sometimes there is no option.

I am an imperfect Vegan. I am plant based. I am proud.

Being an imperfect vegan just might save the world.

I went vegan for several reasons, but it mostly boils down to two things. My health. The animals.

Let us look at the animals first.

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It is estimated that each vegan saves 365 animals a year (an animal a day – luckily, this will make for easy math!).

If someone is plant based 3 to 4 days a week, they still save 182 animals per year.

If someone is strictly vegetarian the save 100 animals a year.

Yes obviously 365 days a year is more lives saved than 100 animals a year. BUT it does not make the 100 animals saved mean less.

100 animals saved is still 100 animals saved.

Being imperfectly vegan saves more animals than not trying does.

If someone is not ready to go FULL VEGAN, they can go flexitarian, imperfectly vegan, plant based, vegetarian. HOWEVER, THEY WANT TO DO IT!

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There are so many options that can ease someone into veganism. And people are not obligated to go FULL VEGAN.

I am against animal cruelty. I will never eat meat again. I see a soul when I look at my plate.  I also know that currently it is unrealistic to ask everyone to convert to veganism instantly. It will not happen.  

But if everyone in the world went plant based 50% of the time, we could cut out factory farming. Animals would not be so mistreated, and the planet would be healthier.

So, remember if you are going vegan for the animals.

The world does not need 1 more perfect vegan. The world needs 7.6 billion imperfect vegans.

Let us Look at Health.

When someone goes Plant based there are several health benefits, it lowers blood pressure & Cholesterol. It lowers our risk of heart attack, stroke and cancer. It shrinks our waistline.

We know that going plant based had all these benefits, over time. One plant-based meal does not automatically make you healthy.

We have all seen the memes. I ate a salad am I skinny yet (being skinny is not the goal but we know the memes)

This meme is a joke because we know the facts one salad does not make you healthy. One steak or 1 cupcake does not erase all your hard work.

You will see get the benefits of living a plant-based life if your diet is more plant based than not.

If you are going plant based for your health, remember.

One Healthy Meal does not make you Healthy. One Unhealthy Meal does not ruin all your hard work.

Forgive yourself and move forward.

It is time to Embrace Imperfect.

Studies have shown that on average 92% of people will fail when they take on a new diet. Habits are hard to change.

Going Plant Based is changing your habits, it is taking on a new diet. Some people can go plant based “cold turkey”, but the reality is not everyone can.

So many people who try to go 100% vegan have a slip up – they eat that pizza, or they have a piece of steak.

This does not mean you failed. This means you are human. Sleep it off and try again tomorrow.

Starting over the next day guarantees 2 things.

You saved a life that day.
You are one step closer to a healthier you.

So instead of giving up the habit, forgive yourself and move on.

It took me 9 years to get where I am now.

I spent the last 9 years learning, experimenting and the plant-based way of living got WAY EASIER.

In the last 2 years of plant-based living, I have saved over 500 animals.

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But if tomorrow I have a bowl of “normal” ice cream it does not negate the 500 animals my lifestyle has helped save.

 It is now easier than ever to be plant-based/vegan.

We are making a difference.

The world needs more imperfect vegans.

Your body needs imperfect goals.

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