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Aby- The All New MS App

I was recently made aware of a new app developed for individuals with MS. I have been playing around with it and was asked to give my feedback. Personally, I think that the app is great and want to share it with you all!

The app in Canada is called Aby, and it’s actually pretty cool!

Aby allows me to record my daily feelings/symptoms right in the app and I can later export them for my doctor. When I first got sick 13 years ago, I was told to keep a symptoms journal. Let me tell you, I sucked at it. I forgot the journal everywhere, lost it, spilled things on it, and sometimes my writing was so atrocious not even I could read it!

The best thing for me about Aby is that it allows me to track my MS journey and symptoms. It also allows me to track all my workouts and activities, so that my symptoms, stresses, steps, workouts, and feelings are all in one place! In today’s world of accessible technology, it’s great to be able to utilize my phone to specifically help manage my MS.

My second favourite part of Aby are the articles. The app has great articles that help me explore different topics like living with MS and symptoms management.

I have recommended Aby to a few friends with MS of varying degrees and they love the wellness programs and informative articles. They find that the exercises apply to them and are easy to follow.

Finally, Aby allows me to chat with a nurse during business hours. I have a lot of clients ask me my opinion about medical topics, and while I am willing to give my opinion, I also love that I can direct them to the Aby app, where they can communicate with a real nurse who can answer select questions they may have about living with MS.

The Aby app is amazing for helping moderate my MS symptoms and I will be using it on my MS journey!

To download Aby, click here!

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