Jessica Faulds – Owner

Jessica started her own journey to define healthy 14 years ago. When she was 15 Jessica woke up one day and her left eye was frozen. She was seeing double and scared out of her mind. After a number of specialist she finally received a diagnosis – MS, pediatric onset. From that day forward the normal definition of healthy did not apply to her anymore. 

Jess is not someone to let a diagnosis slow her down, so at 18 she went to Brock University to get a degree in Honors Health Science. While at Brock Jess through herself into exercise, nutrition and the effects of healthy living on chronic illness. 

Her love of nutrition brought her to a second degree – Honors Nutrition and Dietetic science at the University of Western Ontario. Jess loved her time at Western, and learned a lot but felt she needed to explore more healthy alternatives. 

She decided to get certified in holistic nutrition. She studied for 2 years with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. After 9 years of school she was ready to make a difference!

In the past 14 years Jess has made it her mission to overcome her illness, redefine healthy and live a lifestyle she is proud of. She has tried 4 disease modifying drugs but nothing worked. So in 2019 she underwent a complete stem cell transplant! The transplant thankfully seems to have worked and has taught her 2 things.

  • The first thing she learned through stem cell is that nothing worth having comes easy. 
  • The second thing she learned, the stronger you base. The healthier you are, the faster your recovery.

Jess went into stem with what was classified as active MS, due to her brain activity. However physically she was strong, she did 10 workouts a week, she ate well and she focused on her definition of healthy.  Having this strong base allowed Jess to recover at a rate that stunned even her doctors. 

Jess is not just a consultant who wants to help people. She understands them. From an early age Jess has understood what it means to not be comfortable in her body, she had done the gain 15 lose 15 journey. Jess can relate to it all. And that is why she decided to start All the Right Bites. 

Jessica’s ultimate goal is to help others reach their definition of healthy, knowing that “healthy” means different things for everyone. That is why we focus on making sure your goals and plans are unique to you!

With a focus on long-term solutions, Jessica removes problem foods and creates unique, wholesome diets for her clients over the course of at least six months. We all know how difficult it can be to change our habits, and Jessica is there to support her clients every step of the way.

When Jessica isn’t working to help others, she can be found with her puppy, Nutella, who is training to be her service dog. Not one to sit still, her spare time is filled with running, boxing, and indulging in her  favourite Mexican or Indian dishes.