A Boy and his Bike

For the entirety of my life, my mother has lived with MS. It has always affected my family, and it is something that I wanted to make an impact with. Since grade 10 I have been involved in the MS Walk, MS Bike Tour, MS Mountain Bike Tour, an MS educational program, and many other events to help raise money and awareness for the MS Society. While I have spent lots of time raising funds/awareness in my community, I wanted to push myself even farther to really make an impact. This is why I created The MSTourForTheCure.


MSTourForTheCure is a bike tour taking place through eight European countries over the course of 10 weeks in the summer of 2019. The goal is to raise $15,000 for the MS Society of Canada to work towards a future free of MS. I created this ichallenge event because I wanted to do something different and make my impact as large as possible. I took inspiration from the MS Leduc to Camrose Bike Tour, as it is an amazing event and so inspiring to see such a supportive community come together. I wanted to challenge myself to do something that will make a difference in this community, both for my mother and every other person living with MS who inspires me to ride. Every dollar fundraised is a step forward in the fight against MS. The route I will be taking is a slightly altered route of the Euro Velo 6. I will be starting in Paris, France, around June 22nd, and cycling to Belgrade, Serbia, over the course of 10 weeks. This will cover approximately 2,650km.


I welcome anyone interested in cycling to take a look at my website at, or my instagram account ‘mstourforthecure’ which I will be updating regularly. I will happily welcome anyone who is interested to join my Leduc to Camrose team, or to join me in Europe on a stage of the tour! Together we can and will end MS!

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