20 Minute Quick and Easy Layered Vegan Nachos

Sometimes you just want to sweep the fridge and get rid of all your extra food!

Well look no further with my SWEEP THE FRIDGE NACHOS.

These nachos are:

Vegan ✔
Delicious ✔
Quick ✔
A crowd pleaser ✔
Easy ✔

What more could you want?


  1. Left over beyond beef taco meat ( I just grilled up beyond beef with garlic and taco sauce from the grocery store).
  2. Vegan shredded cheese
  3. Toppings of your choice – I used tomatoes, green onions, refried beans and red onions
  4. Nacho Chips


  1. On a piece of parchment play thrown down the first layer of nacho chips.
  2. Top with shredded vegan cheese, beans, beef and toppings.
  3. Add another layer of nachos and toppings.
  4. Add as many layers as you would like!

The secret to epic nachos is spreading the cheese love! I did 3 layers of toppings, cheese and nachos.

  1. Bake at 400F until the cheese is melty!

Enjoy your nachos and feel free to get messy!

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